Transforming the Internet

Transforming the Internet

Blockchain Research & Development Hub

Blockchain is a paradigm shift that redefines the fundamentals of the internet. Blockchain Technologies eliminate middlemen, reduce transaction costs, increase scalability, security and efficiency. It enables transparent, third party-free auditing thanks to the revolutionary decentralisation of trust.

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The race for championship in putting the best blockchain solutions to service masses intensifies, with industry leaders broadening geography of engagement by investing and bringing in new talents in research and technology development from around the globe.

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Once considered the "Silicon Valley" of the former Soviet Union, Armenia is striving to gain competitive advantage in servicing global technology markets and industries as a new knowledge base. It is already home to number of tech-giants: VMware, Synopsys, and National Instruments, that build world leading products and offerings. A fast emerging Tech and Science Ecosystem enhanced by Government support and concessions enables major investments and initiatives in AI, Machine Learning, Big Data, AR/VR and Cloud Computing.


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