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DECENT Testnet #1 ’Caesar’ Launch Information

DECENT Testnet #1 ’Caesar’ Launch Information

Digital Revolution begins! DECENT Testnet #1, called ‘Caesar’ was launched! Become part of the future and discover Blockchain Content Distribution Network today.

In order to meet all the milestones from DECENT Development Plan, we are launching the first beta-version of DECENT Network. ‘Caesar’ users will be able to explore the core functionalities of DECENT Application e.g browsing, uploading and purchasing the content, rating the author and checking the transaction history. A certain amount of Testnet DCT will be added to each user’s account so everyone will be able to effectively test the features. However, Testnet DCT won’t be available or functioning within DECENT Mainnet.

The next release of DECENT Testnet will focus on fixing all the issues found during ‘Caesar’ and implementing multiple improvements:

  • Subscription mechanism - users will be able to subscribe to a particular author and automatically gain access to his/her content when it is uploaded
  • Content pricing in major fiat currencies (e.g. USD, EUR)
  • IPFS improvements

We ask all testnet participants to take into account the fact that ‘Caesar’ is the very first testnet of DECENT Network. The aim is to detect unexpected issues and make a huge step towards the launch of a fully functioning decentralized distribution network in June 2017. Therefore, we offer several ways of error reporting for each testnet participant. Together with the testnet invitations (more info below), testers will receive information about the specifically created DECENT Forum and Support Ticketing System.

DECENT Testnet Invitation Batches Information

As we have announced before, invitations for DECENT Testnets will be distributed in batches. Throughout the entire testing phase of DECENT, we plan to have four testnets launched. The amount of invitations in one batch will increase with each testnet. As ‘Caesar’ is the very first version of DECENT Network, invitations will be sent to the first 200 users who registered through DECENT website.

We would like to emphasize that there is no need to worry if you do not receive your invitation in the first batch! All registered users will gain access during the testing phase and will be able to test DECENT functionalities prior to its official launch.

More information about the next batches and testnet versions will be available in the following weeks. Stay tuned to our channels, register for DECENT Testnet and let the future begin!

DECENT Application Access Information

Each DECENT Testnet invitation will contain a summary of information about the steps needed to take in order to enter the service:

  • Link for downloading DECENT Application
  • Link to DECENT Forum
  • Link to DECENT Support System
  • Step-by-step Guide to DECENT Testnet
  • Unique code to enter ‘Caesar’

Please notice all the information from DECENT Testnet invitations are private and for your eyes only. Do not share your unique code or password with anyone!

Note for Windows Users

DECENT Application for Windows users will be available soon. Each Windows user who receives the invitation is allowed to keep the information, register to the forum and download the application once it is all set up. We will provide you with the update via e-mail as soon as the application is available for download.

In conclusion, we would like to say ‘thank you’ to everyone who has made the DECENT Testnet launch a reality. It’s only thanks to all of your remarks, suggestions, and support that we managed to make huge progress within DECENT Network’s development.

Throughout the recent months, we have been working hard to ensure that all our supporters and ICO participants stay confident about DECENT’s future. Now the time has come and we are launching DECENT Testnet with a strong belief that one of our milestones has been completed and many others are ahead of us. Please, take your time, explore the features and let us know what could be a perfect addition to DECENT’s functionalities. We are here to make the Future of Digital Content Distribution great. Join DECENT‘s journey today!


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