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Press-conference held at AUA: Armenia one of the Blockchain Technology Development Centers

Press-conference held at AUA: Armenia one of the Blockchain Technology Development Centers

Armenia – Blockchain technology development Center.

24 October 2017, American University of Armenia

Armenia has the full capacity to become one of the world leading blockchain technology development centers and we have  already achieved some success in that field”- told the co-founder of Blockchain R&D Hub Arman Aleksanian during a press conference held today at the American University of Armenia.

Blockchain Research and Development Hub has already developed and released the first digital asset distribution platform DECENT (basically text, audio and video content) several months ago and currently works on creation of another platform of distributed media environment based on blockchain technology implemented by Swiss Foundation PUBLIQ.

Blockchain R&D Hub also specializes in the field of blockchain technologies education.  Particularly, in cooperation with the leading chair of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, we have prepared an in-depth training course on blockchain technology.

«The American University of Armenia is an important link in the development of technologies in Armenia, especially in the process of training of qualified personnel, specialized in leading high-tech industries. We attach high importance to such technologies of the future as artificial intellect (AI), blockchain, machine learning and try to support their distribution and promotion in Armenia. I commend our cooperation with the Blockchain R&D Hub. The joint course on blockchain programming was especially effective. We have many joint plans for the future: we invite Armenian other technology companies and organizations to join this important process" noted Aram Hajyan, the Dean at the College of Science and Engineering at the American University of Armenia.

Throughout the world blockchain technology became an important link in economic processes. “Today, technologies have a great impact on the economy worldwide. We estimate that with the implementation of breakthrough technologies the possible impact on the Armenian economy can reach $220 million per year. Consequently, the development of blockchain technologies is of utmost importance also for Armenia”-added the president of the research center "Economy and Values" Manuk Ergnyan.

PUBLIQ blockchain platform, developed by the joint efforts of Blockchain R&D Hub and Swiss foundation is targeted at the creation of a more transparent and independent future media environment.   

«PUBLIQ is aimed at creation of a future media environment, where an independent author, whether a journalist, photographer, scientist, an independent writer or any other content creator will have  an opportunity to freely express himself/herself, implement an independent economic activity and get proportionally rewarded, permanently having their part in the created universal value. We are committed to creation of a media environment independent from intermediarie’s instructions, which will correspond to the challenges of our time »-noted the CEO of Blockchain R&D Hub Gagik Eghiazaryan.

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