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DECENT at Venture Capital & Private Equity Conference in Vienna

DECENT at Venture Capital & Private Equity Conference in Vienna

On the 16th of February, DECENT representatives joined the exclusive gathering of Europe’s most distinguished personalities from finance industry at the venture capital and private equity conference in Vienna.

For a full day, the venue at Hilton hotel was spotlighting the current topics and issues regarding venture capital investments together with the emerging opportunities and possible innovations in the sector. The event was organized by a leading conference provider for Private Equity & Venture Capital players – 0100 Conferences.

To make the company present on the ground, the core of DECENT team, including Matej Michalko, CEO, founder of DECENT & co-founder of Blockchain R&D Hub; Matej Boda, CMO & founder of DECENT; Peter Dendis, DECENT’s head of marketing and Sandra Wantrubova, DECENT’s community manager, shared their views with other guests.

For that purpose, we put up our own promotion table in the lobby for bystanders to browse the brochures, flyers, or, alternatively, discuss the potential innovations of content distribution processes via DECENT Network with our teammates. Any questions about company’s priorities, future plans or the current stage of Network’s development were accompanied by an Sandra’s, Peter’s or Matej’s careful elaboration.

During the meantime, Matej Michalko took the role of discussion panel moderator and navigated the esteemed guests in the waters of venture capital in a relation to the DACH region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland).

The featured guests – Thomas Preuss of Deutsche Telekom Capital Partners, Cedric Koehler of Creathor Venture, Oliver Holle of Speedinvest, Pekka Mäki of 3TS Capital and Florian Resch of aws Gründerfonds - shared their opinions on the matters such as the specificity of DACH ecosystems for valuations and funding rounds, current hot spots for investment, or possible options to compete in the US and Asian markets.

“One of the challenges countries face is an outflow of minds and assets,” reacted Matej Michalko on the notion, that startups tend to leave their native country after passing the growth stage. “As experts at the panel agreed upon, there has to be a motivation factor strong enough to bind them to the founding region,” he concluded.

Together with DECENT, a three-man team from Blockchain R&D Hub, consisting of its CEO & co-founder, Gagik Yeghiazarian, co-founder & CINO, Arman L. Aleksanian, and Arutyun Pogosyan, co-founder & board member, traveled to the conference as well, to spread the awareness about blockchain and capitalize on the tech integration opportunities.

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